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Mike Khalid is a long-time guppy breeder, best known for his award winning Yellow Guppies. 


His yellow guppies are also known as the Micariff, a breed that originated in his native land, Sri Lanka, named for a combination of the breed developers’ names.


Learn more about Mike’s early days in Sri Lanka, where he was a Pioneer Diver and Spearfisher.


In Mike’s professional life, he owns and operates AM Direct Consulting and Outreach, which has provided printing and mailing services, including direct mail advertising,  to the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas of Los Angeles County for over 30 years.


Mike says, "From my childhood days in Sri Lanka, guppies captured my imagination and sparked my interest in science and genetics.  I’ve bred and shown guppies for over 40 years, and have been honored to receive much recognition for my work.  As the former editor of “The Bulletin,” I  enjoyed sharing what has been learned about the hobby with others, and look forward to sharing it with you here, as well."


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