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Yellow Guppy

Mike Khalid was the first to introduce the yellow guppy, known as the Micariff, to the international scene at the 1994 IFGA show. He has since won numerous awards and is excited to be able to share all he has learned about guppy breeding.


The Micariff was developed in Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon), where Mike Khalid was born and raised.  He knew the designers of the strain, and explains that the name “Micariff” is a combination of the names of the two individuals who developed it: Michael Cole and Denis Ariff.


Although you often see the name spelled Mikarif, it’s correct spelling is Micariff. The Micariff is sometimes known as the “Yellow Tang” guppy, a name given them by Frank Orteca in 1995. In the U.S. it may be known as a “German Sunset” or simply Sunset.”

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